MAY 25-29, 2017

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Rebel Yell
BEST OF THE BEST! Rebel Yell is a 5-piece supergroup of seasoned veterans in the music industry that have created the ultimate party band. The 5 performers put on a high-energy show featuring flawless performances of all the greatest ‘80s hits from bands like Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol, Madonna, Pat Benatar, and more, more, more.

Sunday, May 28th on the Main Stage.

The Guitarsonists
Fronted by three of Northern California’s finest blues guitarists and backed by sterling musicians who have individually played with such luminaries as Elvin Bishop, Tower Of Power, Tommy Castro and others. This six-piece band’s unique, magical twist is in the guitar trio’s on stage chemistry. CHRIS CAIN, DANIEL CASTRO and “MIGHTY MIKE” SCHERMER all come together in The Guitarsonists to out-play, duel, harmonize and trade off some seriously “tasty” blues licks to tantalize fans of blues and rock alike. Each one takes center stage at any given time to try to out do each another in a friendly “battle of the blues guitars” within a single band! This is a show that blues lovers will crave and music fans everywhere will want to see!

Monday, May 29th on the Main Stage.

Creedence Clearwater Revival
Versus The Doobie Brothers

“BORN ON THE BAYOU” (C.C.R. Tribute)
“ROCKIN’ DOWN THE HIWAY” (Doobie Bros. Trib.)
. . . A California Classic Rock “Face-Off”

Each band will rotate on and off the stage, playing two sets of some of the greatest Classic Rock hits of all time : CCR: “Lodi “ ~ “Bad Moon Rising” ~ Fortunate Son” ~ “Susie Q” ~ Down On The Corner ~ Proud Mary ~ Who’ll Stop The Rain” and many more.
Doobies Hits include: “Long Train Running” ~ “China Grove “ ~“Listen To The Music” ~ “Black Water” ~ Rocking Down The Highway” ~ “Jesus Is Just Alright” ~ “Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me)” ~ “Dark Eyed Cajun’ Woman” plus others classics. *Following the showdown, all members of both bands will take the stage for an Explosive and Exciting Grand Finale / Encore !!!

Saturday, May 27th on the Main Stage.

In The Led - a Led Zeppelin Experience
In The Led features Chas West (The Jason Bonham Band/Lynch Mob) on lead vocals, Sean Colligan (Bonfire, Led Zepagain) on guitar, Mark Ludmer - AKA Mark Ledmor (Bleeding Deacons, Deepest Purple) on bass, keys, bass pedals, and background vocs, and Mike Nieland (The Police Experience) on drums. Premium veteran musicianship & track records, attention to detail, and magical improvisational performance traits are just a few of the elements that In The Led draw upon to deliver a solid and entertaining Led Zeppelin concert experience. The band puts their heart and soul into every performance. Chas West is undoubtedly one of the closest rock singers to the actual original Led Zeppelin family, having toured with the Jason Bonham Band in their heyday from 1995 thru 1997, performing Led Zeppelin favorites to die hard fans all over the world. Sean Colligan has put a great deal of time into emulating Jimmy Page, as a former member of Led Zepagain. He delivers the look, and sound, with the sparks of energy that satisfy even the most hard core Led Zeppelin and classic rock fans. Mark Ludmer and Mike Nieland bring the solid backbone and glue necessary to pull off the tight grooves comfortably, while remaining loose enough to project the spontaneous nature of a truly jam filled show. Both have early roots in marching bands as teenagers, while experimenting with improv rock and blues bands during the late 70's and 80's.

Friday, May 26th on the Main Stage.

Heartless-A Tribute to Heart
Ann and Nancy Wilson forever changed the rock n’ roll landscape in 1975 with hard hitting guitars and soaring vocals. That power and passion continues with Heartless, the Premier Tribute to Heart. Heartless takes you back to the first time you heard ”Magic Man” on the radio and you couldn't wait to hear it again! Heartless gives you the thrill of falling in love with the music of Heart all over again. Every Heartless concert is packed with the songs fans love and delivered in an amazingly authentic musical journey from the very beginning of four decades of Heart and beyond!

Heartless weaves the song and story of Heart into each performance, finding fans swaying to “What About Love”, or screaming “Barracuda” while “closing their eyes and being at a Heart concert”! Truly a testament to the six talented and versatile musicians that deliver the sound, spirit, and all live energy of the original band, Heart. New and existing fans are experiencing the power and intensity of Heart songs as never before with Heartless – the Premier Tribute to Heart.

Thursday, May 25th on the Main Stage.

The Procrastinators
These outrages drummers turn five-gallon water jugs, stools, and pots & pans into legitimate musical instruments as they jump, slide, twist, and stomp their way through fast and furious rhythmic fun.

Every day of the fair, multiple show times.

Charlie the Veloci Raptor
Dedicated in taking you into the lost world of real-life, walking dinosaurs and giving you a HDAlive experience like no other.

Every day of the fair, multiple show times.

Steve Bayner - Hypnotist
Comedy Hypnosis Show - The Steve Bayner Hypnotist Show is one of the most sought after, successful shows of its kind. Each year, Steve performs before millions of people. Venues include fairs, corporate events, conventions, colleges, casinos and innumerable special events. His show has been performed all over the United States as well as abroad. Audience participation is the key to each show's success.

Two shows daily on the Main Stage!

All Alaskan Racing Pigs
Each show has four pig races. These awkward, but cute and cuddly racing animals fascinate spectators. Real crowd pleasers, these natural comedians bolt from the starting gate and race around the track snorting and squealing, stubby legs churning and curly tails sailing along behind.

Several performances daily!

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Dennis Forel, with a repertoire of over 108 different animals is considered one of America’s foremost balloon Sculptors. He has been a professional performer since the Ides of March 1975. Though Forel has performed in Alaska, Mexico, Japan, and the Bahamas, he is usually found plying his trade throughout the Western United States. As a balloon sculptor, Forel has performed at State and County Fairs, amusement parks such as Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, The Queen Mary and Nagasaki Holland Village in Japan, as well as shopping centers and night clubs. Besides his balloons, Dennis Forel has been gaining a reputation for being the “Ambassador of Goodwheel” wherever he rides his replica Turn-of-the-Century, Pennyfarthing style bicycle. With a front wheel of 52 inches, Dennis rides “head and shoulders” above the crowd. Dennis Forel is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, better known as the Magical Castle in Hollywood, California, where he has been a regular performer for over 20 years. Forel is also a member of the Western Fairs Association.

Every day of the fair, multiple show times.

Capt'n Jack Spareribs
Jack Spareribs and Maynard the Talking Monkey join a crew of audience volunteers in The Capt'n Jack Spareribs Show! A fast paced mix of swashbuckling, rib tickling, pirate mayhem combined with magic, juggling, ventriloquism and the world's worst pirate jokes. Voted Best Family Fun in the San Francisco Bay Area 7 years in a row!

Every day of the fair, multiple show times.

Duck Races
The Great American Duck Race of New Mexico can add a unique experience to your special event, fair, or park that offers quality family entertainment in every show.
We invite you to explore our site for yourself, and see why our show received the Director’s Award for Best Grounds Entertainment at the Nevada State Fair.

Several performances daily

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Kids Pedal Tractor Pulls
The KIDS PEDAL TRACTOR PULLS are coming to the Sacramento County Fair this year! The kids become the stars of the show while they compete in a fast paced, action packed pedal powered tractor pull. Kids four to twelve years old are welcome to join in the show for free and try their skill. The tractors and pulling sleds are built for fun and designed to produce smiles and laughter! Calling all kids! COME OUT AND PLAY at the KIDS PEDAL TRACTOR PULLS!

All day, every day!

Great American Petting Zoo
The Great American Petting Zoo is America’s premier petting zoo. Our Petting Zoo is truly unique; there are no barriers inside the petting zoo to keep children from getting up close and personal with our cute, cuddly, and immaculately clean animals. With our award winning combination of friendly animals and caring staff, we provide families all over America with a one of a kind hands-on experience.

All day, every day!

Something Ridiculous
Something Ridiculous is the high-energy juggling and acrobatic act performed by slapstick stuntmen Mark Wilder and VonJon. Juggling almost anything they can get their hands on, the comic duo climbs up a free-standing ladder, onto a ten-foot-tall unicycle or atop each other's shoulders in a wildly entertaining, dynamic show.
 Something Ridiculous' action-packed show is fun for all ages and guaranteed to make any event more memorable!

Every day of the fair, multiple show times.

Welcome to the jungle - a wildlife experience
A Walk On The Wild Side is an organization dedicated to helping all species of wild animals who, for various reasons, find themselves without a place to live out their lives. We are the most diverse exotic non-profit animal refuge of its kind in the State of Oregon. In addition to housing unwanted exotic species, we pride ourselves in educating the public about responsible animal ownership. Our ambassador animals attend numerous public events every year, and each one has its own story to tell and its own lessons to teach. We absolutely love the work we do and believe in our quest to provide the best care and quality of life for our animals.

Open all day, every day!

Wild Science!
Take an excursion into the wild and amazing world of science through dozens of highly interactive, fun, and visually captivating displays and activities. Journeying through Wild Science!, families, adults, and children can experience the mysterious and entertaining aspects of science and technology in a fun and casual environment. Learning occurs through hands-on interaction and supporting signage.

Play with captured lightning and learn about electricity and which gases will actually change the lightning’s color! At the Bernoulli Levitator you’ll use the same principles that make an airplane fly to send a ball into the air and try to make it float at gravity defying angles. Kids and adults alike will have fun in the Jumbo Bubble Making Arena, where you might even trap a friend inside a bubble. Everyone will enjoy watching our amazing Rube Goldberg Machine, just be sure you don’t lose track of time!

All day, every day!

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Wild Science!

“Puff, the Magic Dragon”

In this fast-paced fantasy adventure, Little Jackie Paper and Puff return to the magical land of Honalee and discover that the mystical “Magic Box” belonging to King Cobwebs has been stolen. Jackie and Puff agree to help the king and his granddaughter find the missing box and return it to the palace. During their quest, our heroes fight a duel onboard a pirate ship with Captain Bilgewater and his sidekick Grog, face a fearful storm at sea, and travel to the bottom of the ocean, where they meet a friendly and wise octopus named Rastapus, who helps Jackie discover that the “Magic Box” contains “the most powerful magic of all,” the magic of his own imagination.

Several performances daily!

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