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Farm Garden In A Wheelbarrow

2023 Sacramento County Fair May 25-29, 2023

Farm Garden In A Wheelbarrow Registration Form

The Sacramento County Fair is offering free educational material for use in your class, to educate your students on the source of food and fiber. The program is open to public, private, or charter schools, preschools, home school groups, after School Programs or 4-H clubs. Please keep it to a minimum of 8 students. (Exception for homeschools)

We provide a seeds, and teaching materials to plant a salad garden.

*Class ribbons will be given for the “winners” in each grade level.

Please note that your garden will be kept at the Sacramento County Fair for the entire duration of the fair.

School Name
If multiple, please select the best fit.
School District Name (or city)

Teacher’s Agreement & Responsibilities

The purpose of this agreement between the Sacramento County Fair and the above named teacher is to make clear our intentions and requirements regarding our Agricultural Literacy Program.The goal of the program is to increase Agricultural Literacy in the classroom.Our method is to develop and assemble learning “kits” that teach students about “food and fiber” through the use of hands-on, in class projects.

  • Agree to return wheelbarrow, after plants are harvested and classroom enjoys salad, for re-use for program in 2024.
  • Agree to have some type of protective underlay for the wheelbarrow to protect the floors at school and to assist the janitorial department in low impact issues arising from the wheelbarrow.(ie: watering leaks)
  • Agree to return cumulative date on the student’s scores in the pre-test and post-test areas of the lesson plan for evaluation of the knowledge the students acquired in participating in the program.
  • Agrees to return the wheelbarrow to the Sacramento County Fair by Sunday, May 21, 2023.
  • Agrees to have fun!

Wheelbarrows will be judged on Tuesday, May 23, 2023.

Teacher Agreement & Responsibilities
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