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The World’s Only Traveling, Self-Contained Stingray Exhibit! Safely view and touch these wonderful creatures during the fair and receive a hands-on educational experience. A video and audio presentation runs continuously during operation hours and knowledgeable staff members are on duty at all times answering questions that you may have about the Sea Life!


All Day Every Day

Dennis Forel is the voice of the BIGGER Sacramento County Fair and our official balloon maker! Have a favorite balloon shape? Ask Dennis to make just about anything! PLUS, just when you thought he couldn't do any more, you'll see him twirling around on his "BIG Unicycle Bike" delighting fairgoers with his quick wit or just answering a kids' questions. Make sure you stop and ask him for a balloon, a picture, or maybe even all of the above!

All Day Every Day

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All Alaskan Racing Pigs

Pork-belly laughs are a certain result when the All-Alaskan Racing Pigs pay a visit. You may not think of little porkers when sports is the conversation, but these fuzzy little racers will make you reconsider the meaning of “professional athlete.” And “fast food.”

The 100-yard dash and the 50-yard high hurdles come to life as you have never experienced them before. When the runners have four legs the starts are even more exhilarating. When you carry around plenty of padding you can really bump and grind in the corners. And when you are a cute little pig, well, you can do just about anything you want. It’s just pure fun.


All Day Every Day

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Western Express Railroad
All aboard! Catch an 1850's style steam locomotive! It will pick you up at the "Train Stop" and take you on a tour of the entire Sacramento County Fairgrounds. Take a load off your feet and take advantage of this scenic and relaxing ride where you will see all the sights and sounds of the Bigger Sacramento County Fair from the comfort of a comfy seat!

Daily Shows

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All About Science
Surprise you're part of the bigger show! All About Science is a delightful blend of education and entertainment that incorporates audience participation... and a whole lot of the totally unexpected! Besides the show there are also games and other hands-on stations for families to discover and interact with throughout the day. Prepare to laugh, be amazed, and something else you'd never expect... to actually learn a thing or two (or three or four or even more!). Its a scientific blast for all ages!

May 23rd-27th

The Cutest Show on Earth
The Cutest Show on Earth is a high-energy, free show designed to get family members playing together. Kids dress up and become Star Performers in a live theater experience! Presented multiple times daily, each show features up to 18 kids of all ages chosen from the audience 10 minutes before show time. While entertaining to every age, The Cutest Show on Earth has a higher purpose to build confidence and creative muscle in the next generation. Join in the enthusiastic rounds of applause for the power of kids’ imaginations!

All Day Every Day

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Wild Science!
An excursion into the wild and amazing world of science through dozens of highly interactive, fun, and visually captivating displays and activities.

The "Wild Science!" attraction was created so that families and children could experience the mysterious and entertaining aspects of science & technology in a casual environment without having to sift through facts and information. Learning occurs through hands-on interaction with the various exhibits, rather than through signage and information.

Adults, as well as children, have great fun participating in activities such as manipulating the robotic arm, creating man-sized soap bubbles, using radar to measure their pitching speed, taking the "sense of smell" challenge, dancing in the "wall of light", creating high-tech music, exploring the "Rube Goldberg" machine, and much more.

Magic Show

Murray Hatfield & Teresa
Come enjoy a magical show with Murray Hatfield and Teresa! In 2006 they were name Canada’s Magicians of the Year by the Canadian Association of Magicians while Teresa has twice been awarded Assistant of the Year by the Society of American Magicians!

May 23rd-27th

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The Drumheads
The Drumheads have touched down on planet Earth with a mission: to delight you and your guests with the best music of today, tomorrow, and the classics of yesteryears. Don't let this opportunity slip away - make sure you catch The Drumheads as they bring the rhythm and excitement to your next event!

May 23rd-27th

Tropical Odyssey

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Tropical Odyssey tells the story of sustainable butterfly farming in the rainforest. Discover sustainable and unsustainable practices, help feed caterpillars, play Pupa Pick-N-Pack, and emerge in winged flight.

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